The Revadim Project

Revadim in Hebrew refers to the layers of our being and encompasses the entire mind body spirit connection. This concept underlies all the work that we do. The project offers integrative healing programs for women with cancer-based on the Commonweal model, which has been successfully implemented in the United States for the past 40 years. These include both Healing Retreats and Healing Circles. The Commonweal model integrates tools adapted from yoga and psychotherapy as well as nutrition and complementary medicine.

Revadim Retreats

The Revadim Healing Retreats are for women coping with cancer. During our daily life, busy schedules rarely allow us time to pause and reflect on our emotional wellbeing. But such reflection can be an important part of the healing process. At the Healing Retreat, there is time to pause, inquire, explore and focus on our lives. We take note of our emotions and encounter our bodies. We learn to feel our breath and deepen it. We receive gentle, restorative touch in the form of healing massage. We eat healthful, nourishing food. We talk about sexuality and diet. We meet women who face issues that concern us, and we try to make sense of life and cancer, both individually and as a group.

Seeking a delicate balance between private and shared time, we discover ourselves and others. With the professional support and guidance, the retreat fosters a unique inward exploration, opening up vistas of healing.

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Discovering  that illness can sometimes lead to a richer and fuller life; and experiencing genuine community with others facing a cancer diagnosis”.
Michael Lerner, founder of Commonweal

Healing Circles

Healing circles are a special kind of group that involves sharing, listening and silence, and allows each person the time and space he or she needs to help them on their healing journey, exploring ways of coping with illness, pain and loss.ore Information



Grappling with a life-threatening illness usually has a starting point, when one receives the diagnosis, but no end point. At the Healing Retreat, we explore the ways cancer has affected and continues to affect us in all spheres of life – inwardly, and also in relation to family, friends, and community. At the retreat, there is time to both reach out to other women and to also journey inward, into ourselves, toward insight and growth.


We live inside a physical body. In health, we take it for granted. After an invasive surgical procedure, physical touch often becomes painful. At the retreat, we offer a healing experience through specialized massage Through touch we can experience the body as newly whole, rather than ignoring or repressing parts of it. Supportive, restorative touch is comforting. It softens and relaxes the tissues, and taps into the body’s innate regenerative powers.

Movement and Breath

Yoga philosophy describes several interlacing layers of human existence: the physical body, breath, emotion and cognition. Through contemplative observation and enhanced precision of posture and breathing, we try to slow down, increase elasticity, relax and calm the mind. The nervous system begins to operate differently. When the mind is calm our understanding of it deepens, and our mode of experiencing ourselves and the world is transformed. A sense of harmony among the layers of our being sets in. An inner space of tranquility is formed.


Our body is made up of the food we consume. What we eat, the type of food and its quality, directly impacts our health, especially when our immune system is battling a serious illness. A healthy diet can nourish the body back to health; it can slow down the progression of illness and reduce the risk of recurrence. We offer three days of feasting on food that is healthful, nutritious, aesthetically presented and delicious! An afternoon is devoted to preparing food together, and discussing ways of integrating a suitable diet into our lives.


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