Aviad Ettinger

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Aviad is the original founder and living spirit behind the Revadim project. He is a father of three daughters and a practicing lawyer. He served in the army as a deputy battalion commander and in various administrative roles.

In his law practice Aviad works in mediation, consulting and litigation in the area of civil and commercial law, as well as labor and employment law focusing on women’s rights. In the latter sphere he is active in promoting equal opportunity for women, takes part in the work of the Israel Women’s Network and has supplied legal services to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and to the Women’s Courtyard – a multicultural space for women, protecting and empowering women in need and at risk.

Aviad is also a member of the regional council of Gderot, the local governing body.

He initiated and developed the Revadim project for women with cancer, dedicated to the memory of his wife, attorney Odelia Levy Ettinger, and to the memory of Dr. Dvora Teitelbaum, who died from breast cancer.

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