Dr. Naomi Baum | Psychologist

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Naomi is a psychologist specializing in trauma and resilience building. Naomi currently works as a consultant and facilitator in this field in Israel and internationally in the wake of natural disasters and trauma. Most recently Naomi has been in Nepal, the UK, and the USA teaching and facilitating about trauma and resilience. Naomi initiated and directed the Resilience Unit at the Israel Psychotrauma Treatment Center in Jerusalem from 2002-2014. She was a Fellow at the Mandel School of Educational Leadership. She was the director of Psychological Services for a school district and was a professor of psychology and John Carroll Univeristy, and in several colleges in Israel including Oranim, David Yellin, Efrata and Herzog College. She has a BA in Psychology from Bar Ilan University in Israel and an MA and PhD from Bryn Mawr College. She has written two books about coping with cancer, drawing on her personal experiences.
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