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Revadim is a project that offers Healing Retreats for women with cancer.

The retreats are held in small, intimate groups (8-9 participants), in a beautiful, tranquil space at the Sisters of Zion Guesthouse in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem. The guesthouse offers private-room accommodation. Fresh organic vegetarian meals are provided by a local catering service.

The staff of the retreat includes a psychologist, a yoga teacher, and a masseuse, who are present throughout the entire retreat to facilitate the group and individual processes. Supplementary staff includes a dietician and a body-image therapist.

The retreat facilitates two parallel processes that of the group and individual exploration.

The retreat schedule is as follows. The morning starts with a group yoga class. The instruction is adapted to the needs and abilities of participants and focuses on meditation, breathing and gentle postural practice. The yoga class is followed by breakfast and then a group session with the psychologist. The afternoon is devoted to discussions concerning diet or body image and sexuality.
Between the various group sessions, there is a leisurely lunch break and private time. Each participant receives a luxurious healing massage, a private yoga class and a private session with the psychologist. Free time can be spent with a good book, enjoying the grounds, writing, resting or relaxing indoors.

In the course of the retreat, there is time for informal interaction with group participants. This is a time for sharing and listening. Getting to know other women who are well-acquainted with cancer can be a form of deep and vital support. We laugh and cry together, our hearts are touched, and we move toward deeper insight.

The combination of interpersonal encounters, inward process, yoga, massage, and nutritious food helps enhance the healing process.

Our Upcoming Retreats

Four days at Rupin Village in Kfar Hama'ayanot
Four days at "Sisters of Zion" Monastery

Please contact us for more information and registration

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